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Pet Transport

Our pet transport service is ideal for safely transporting your pets to the vets, groomers or kennels. It is particularly suitable for owners that do not have access to a vehicle, or when local transport companies will not carry pets.

You may not have the time to take your pet where it needs to go, you may not drive, may be housebound or your local taxi driver is very reluctant to carry your pet in their vehicle. For whatever reason you cannot get your animal to where you would like, Pal4Paws pet transport service offers the answer.

Who you looking at??

Pal4Paws can chauffeur your pet to and from the vet, kennels or to be groomed and can even represent you at the vet. Particularly for those routine visits such as boosters, and provide you with a report of the vet’s instructions. (If you are unable to drive for any reason and wish to accompany your pet, this can also be arranged.) Your pet will be collected in plenty of time and should you wish, will be accompanied during treatment or grooming session. Your pet will then be returned safely home.

Moving house, No problems. Pal4Paws can transport your pets safely and in comfort. Not only dogs but cats, hamsters, fish or any small pet. Pal4Paws holds a Type 2 Long Journey Transporter Authorisation License.

All prices based on 3 mile radius of Ferndown, Dorset. Thereafter from 45p per mile

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